Under Construction

This blog has just been created in a moment of madness. As the more observent ones of you may have noticed, I have not written anything yet.. That is not to say I wil not in the future. So if you have nothing better to do or want to take a break from your busy shedule of watching paint dry, then check up on this in a couple of days.
Be warned, this owner of this blog has the spelling abilities of a dyslexic jellyfish in a bowl of alcohol.. safe to say they will be typos and there is only so much a spell-check can rectify. To make things interesting, for every consecutive typos you (the victim  reader) come across and bring to my attention, the better your chances of winning the grand prize (which will be announced .. err.. shortly) !

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  1. $hone says:

    ive always wondered how much i could take or how extreme i could have(now married so "could have"...else "could be"....and im positive theres no can be...or there is only can be...goin mad already...!)been. so i guess im up to the task...!

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